Fomothai corporation

Sustainable environment
Better food security

About US

Fomothai Corporation Co., Ltd is a business that aims to equip farmers with tools and knowledge to grow more with less using a portfolio of agrichemical supplies.

We want to bring more sustainable practices to growers to achieve better food security while protecting our environment. 

Our Values


everyone in the organization should have honesty and moral principles as a foundation


treat time with respect and carry out duties as efficiently as possible


all are expected to collaborate well with others to achieve something greater


perform assigned tasks with quality and report to supervisor on time


perform what is expected of your role with precision


  • Improve farmers’ livelihood: delivering products to increase revenue or reduce cost for farmers
  • Achieve food security: utilizing efficient practices to increase crop productivity for farmers
  • Support sustainable land management: providing eco-friendly practices with farmers for crop growing and land use

Contact us

383 Bangpoo Industrial Estate Soi Phatthana 4, Phraeksa Subdistrict Mueang Samut Prakan 10280 Thailand